Gordon Hiebert Photography is a long-standing home-based art photography business. Since the late 1970's I have been practicing the art of capturing scenics on film, and very recently, with digital. I first began shooting with medium format color film, from the outset I was printing in my own color darkroom. This constant and very personal hands-on way of working has led to the development of a unique style that won't be found anywhere else. Never having taken a photography course or any art course, nor having received any training at all with any photography group or club, the method of creating images is therefore entirely and uniquely my own.

In addition to this hands-on style I have also always made my own frames. While living in BC I would use red cedar, and here in the prairies I use pine. This wood is wire-brushed with equipment I have designed, and stained to a special rustic coloring that is made for me.

You can find me in many shows throughout the province. Summers I show each Saturday at Bentley Market , and you will also see me at a number of fall shows where I guarantee to have all the latest prints. See the Calendar menu for all those kinds of details. Come early in case your favourite print is sold and gone, it happens a lot. I can only carry so many prints to each venue.

Please drop into my gallery in Red Deer. It is located at my home, in the basement workshop. Everything is well-lit and hung on the walls at this point, until I finally get too many to hang. Then maybe it will all have to go into a storefront some day.

Exciting days are ahead, so far this year the weather has been boisterous and I have tried to take advantage.

Drop by, see you here.


For those kindly considering placing my display stand in unused floor space in their lobbies, here is a picture: