Dec 13 2017

Just built a new website and posted it today.

I wanted to use a theme that was darker so that the pictures would stand out more easily when viewed on a monitor. People are always saying that the images look better in person than on any website, so one has to take every design advantage to get the images to pop just like they do in real life. Using a dark background is a way to do that.
Not only that, but with the online world of mobile devices becoming so much in the forefront, one has to keep websites current and user friendly.

Last show of the year is coming up. Elevation Place in Canmore. This is a tough facility to carry a display stand into, and moreover this time I will need to use the elevator (which thankfully is a good size). But Canmore people are worth all that effort, they seem to appreciate fine photography of the natural wonders around us.

After this show, feel perfectly free to drop by my workshop/gallery. Sure, I do my printing and assembly work there, but all the images are on the wall and are quite well lit. While I cannot quite bring everything to shows, it is all up at the workshop to view.