Grande Prairie Trip

I entered the trade show Hunt Mania in Grande Prairie. The reception was wonderful and the show was quite worth the trip. Just before leaving I spent 3.5 hours touring the countryside. To be sure, the prairie grasses and trees are still dead looking but I did not want to miss an opportunity to learn something about the area. I will post about 8 images that I took shortly, all of them are old farms locally.



Bow River at New Year's

We visited friends in Dead Man's Flats at New Year. I was invited to photograph the Bow River in town, my friend Don is a painter and thought it would be great. Well, it was extremely cold, and you know that a photographer cannot wear gloves while using the camera. So it was tough but in our short jaunt I managed to capture several fine images of the river, with a frozen mist hanging in the distant air.


Vancouver Island excursion

Before heading over to the island, a good friend drove me up to Squamish where we found this great representation of autumn on the west coast.

Image 0445 Stream at Shannon Falls

 Hiking up the trail a way we were able to view Shannon Falls, cascading down the mountain's rock face.

Image 0496 Shannon Falls

Once we got to the island we took accommodations at Cabins on Terrace Beach. This are some panoramas of that beach on which you can see the lighthouse

Image 0698 Terrace Beach Lighthouse.

 Image 0840 Terrace Beach, Wide View

Image 2128 Terrace Beach view from the trail


Later on we visited Incinerator Beach, which was important during WWII.Image 1563 Incinerator Beach, vertical

There was the old growth forest of the Pacific Rim of course.

Image 1059 Walkway

Image 0993

We capped the last day with a trip to Sandcut Beach, where some waterfalls tumbled right onto the sand. The walk down was long and steep, the trek along the sand and rock beach was not easy either. But in the end the falls were worthwhile, providing lots of opportunity for my camera and the panorama styling I enjoy. Visitors were a problem but I managed to work around them, and they me.

 Image 2979 Falls at Sandcut Beach
 Image 2817 Falls at Sandcut Beach

On the way home though we stopped at Chemainus to shop, and I couldn't help but capture the tall trees in the downtown day park. I will make a matching set of these two prints.

Images 2401 and 2419


There are more images but too many to place into a blog. You can check out Also check back here in a week.

Black Creek Cattle truck

Found in the wild recently, early morning.

Sandy Point and Buck Lake shoreline scenes

Some scenes from Sandy Point on Gull Lake, and then following that some Buck Lake beach scenes.

Sandy Point near the lighthouse

 Sandy Point nearer the shoreline 

Buck Lake from Meridian Beach

There was a higher layer of cloud, probably stratus, and then a lower layer of cumulus, moving in different directions.

Buck Lake from Silver Springs shoreline



Canola Fields

This year I made a special effort to capture canola fields. I have done it in the past but generally not under the brightest conditions, so it was time to part with habit and get something more lively in tone. Heading down toward Trochu County where I know there are rolling hills and some canola, I stopped myself short just south of Pine Lake. Here were golden hills of canola in full bloom. Well, I did shoot one view just before full bloom and then the same view several weeks later. The first one has a subtle tone and the latter is quite bright. Here they are:

Canada Day Image

It was Canada Day weekend and the skies were boisterous, but I knew that this was near the end of that unsettled weather. Drama in the heavens would be scarce for awhile, so I skipped out of family celebrations for just a little while to capture this. The family has pardoned me I am pretty sure.

Upcoming shows in July

Right now I have a display at the Bentley Market every Saturday 1pm-3:30pm. All of my prints are there.

Sunday July 24 I begin the first of many showings at the German Cultural Assoc building in Edmonton. 

Their address is at 8310 Roper Road (51 Ave) in Edmonton. I will post more about that. They are working on getting me a large enough space to hold my entire stand, it should be good!