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Parkland Beach Shoreline, Gull Lake

A retreating storm at Parkland Beach


Wilson's Beach, Gull Lake

Wilson's Beach on Gull Lake late in the day.


Terrace Beach

The famous storm watching beach on the Pacific Rim


Pass at Incinerator Rock

Break between rock cliffs at Incinerator Rock


Sandcut Falls II

View of the falls in Sandcut Beach Park


Sandcut Falls I

View of the falls in Sandcut Beach Park


Lighthouse at Sylvan lake II

Lighthouse and storm at Sylvan Lake, AB. As long as I was on the east side of Sylvan Lake where I live I was not able to catch the best of the summer storms. With advice from the locals I ventured more westward and immediately I was able to catch this view with the lighthouse, as well as the Supercell print.