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Sheds in Bentley, Warm

Grain bins in Bentley with warm tones


Sheds in Mountainview County

Sheds at the edge of wheat field


After the Rainstorm

Late evening in Lacombe County with one of those large passing rainstorms that bring in such an interesting and peculiar light.


Hillside at Tees

One fall north of Tees


Sheds in Bentley, Gray

Grain bins in Bentley with gray tones


Grain Truck at Diamond Valley

Fairly well preserved grain truck


GMC Grain Truck

Dilapidating grain truck near Benalto


Grain Harvest

Typical prairie field at harvest


Black Creek Cattle Truck

An abandoned grain truck, early  morning.


Lighthouse at Sylvan lake II

Lighthouse and storm at Sylvan Lake, AB. As long as I was on the east side of Sylvan Lake where I live I was not able to catch the best of the summer storms. With advice from the locals I ventured more westward and immediately I was able to catch this view with the lighthouse, as well as the Supercell print.


Secluded Red Barn

Secluded barn at the north end of Gull Lake


International Trucks

Pair of International trucks on display


Approaching Storm

My first Alberta panorama from the mid 1990's


Begbie Falls I

Waterfalls near Revelstoke, BC


Begbie Falls II

Waterfalls near Revelstoke, BC


Edge of the Storm

Pastoral scene on Highway 21



Rainbow after a passing storm


Joffre Hill

Wheat field near Joffre, AB


Ready for the Harvest

An early film panorama of a field ready to be harvested near Wimborne