Gordon Hiebert ASA

Fine-art landscape photographer

Artist Statement

My hope is to bring photography in western Canada out of the state in which I find it. Technical excellence and visual impact are there, but I am not seeing true artistry. Photography should be another medium, like painting, in which deep meaning and expression of the soul can be found. Fine art photography should be a product of the spirit. Since expression is my goal in all my work, it makes sense that I could help affect a change in the way photography is carried out and viewed.


Landscape photography in particular, when looked upon as fine art, should be able to elicit an emotional reaction from the viewer, the same as one would expect from any correctly executed form of fine art. Landscapes, if they have a message, can speak of history of the land, or peace with our lot, or the drama of life.


Landscape can reflect the photographers deepest emotion, his fondest hope, his view of life. Every photograph, properly done, should contain elements such as that. If I can gain an audience I will surely work to bring about a change, by speech and by example, to the way photography is viewed in western Canada.


Weather is the source of everything. In the weather one finds the light, the mood and the patterns. Watching all these aspects is my pastime and occupation. When conditions are right, when they are something I can work with, I head out looking for subjects and views.


I am known to photograph scenes with almost no discernable subject. But if there is one I look for old barns and homesteads that are growing old with grace. I look for old rusting vehicles which speak so strongly of human activity in days gone by. And I look for dramatic contrasts and design in the land, those things that an eye might pass by if in a hurry, I try to bring to the fore.


Of any pictorial art form, a panorama is the toughest to make right. The challenge is that, with so many elements included along the horizon, the focus may be lost. Too much clutter can divert away from a message, and an image much always be able to say something. I have learned to compose an image with so very many elements and yet still retain the focus and clarity of message.