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Edge of the Storm
Approaching Storm
Following the Storm I
Following the Storm II
Wilson's Beach, Gull Lake
Sheds in Mountainview County
Squall Line on Hwy 53
Storm in Riverside
After the Rainstorm
Torn Skies
Heaven's Fury
Aspen Grove near Raven
Double Rainbow in Ghostpine
Rainclouds over Highway 20 I
Rainclouds over Highway 20 II
Lighthouse at Sylvan Lake II
Storm over Sylvan_Lake I
Storm over Sylvan Lake II
Storm over Sylvan Lake III
Storm over Sylvan Lake IV
Storm over Sylvan Lake V
Before the Big Storm
Storm over Sylvan Lake VI
Pathway on Aspelund Rd I
Pathway on Aspelund Rd I
Rainbow on Aspelund Rd I
Rainbow on Aspelund Rd II
Storm at Crestomere lake
Just Before Dark
Storm over the Coulee
Rainclouds over Highway 20 III
Cowboy Trail
French Beach