Fine-Art Photographs
- fine decor for the home

Gordon works tirelessly to bring the outdoors of the Canadian prairie and West Coast into your home and home office, where you can experience the marvels he sees in his travels

High-End Office Decor
- real Canadian imagery

Uplifting and honest landscapes from Alberta and BC. These images were hard-won through many years of inpsiration and effort to bring you the very best there is of Canadiana.

Aerial photography
- your farm, your home

Taken using Gordon's very unique style of photography, the highest quality aerial imagery of your beloved home or family farm.

Meet Gordon and his Staff

Working together to bring you the best!

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Gordon Hiebert

The boss

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Constant Companion

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Manfrotto Tripod

Strongest Supporter

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The Weather

Creative Design

Panorama Gallery

Images of Alberta and BC

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Alberta and BC Panoramas

Gordon has made it his life's goal to capture the drama and often surprising beauty of the Alberta prairie. Being originally from BC, he has some favourite images from there as well. Browse this gallery to see what might catch your eye, to get an idea of what might look great hanging on the wall! People often write to me to let me know how much they appreciate having one or a few of these images hanging on their wall.

This website has been hand-written by Gordon, and is configured to allow viewing of individual images, including details. The intent is to allow the viewer to try on different frames at different sizes.

In these times with few public displays happening, online representation is more important than ever. This is the reason for developing the website this way. So keep checking back to see what new additons have been made to make life easier.