Last minute event:

Christmas Market
Timberstone Mews adult living
42 Timberstone Way,Red deer
10 -5pm on DEC 5
Gifts, door prizes, food, fun
See you at Blackfalds Christmas Market this Saturday and Sunday Dec 8-9 at Abbey Center. This is always a well-presented event. I will have everything there, but feel free to drop into my gallery at 100 Pamely Ave, Red Deer. Just call first because of all the bustle going on.

My Home Workshop/Gallery is ready!

The workshop where I assemble most of my work has been rearranged and redecorated now to allow for my full catalog of 60 prints. These are ALL of the prints that I take to art shows, and they include my 2018 prints. Come in and browse, it would be fun. There are lovely old chairs that I refinished, Tassimo coffee, six walls, floor space to walk around in, and even pleasant music from the retro Telefunken receiver that I restored. All prints are up and for sale, frames included, ready for hanging, complete with a short story about the print. You can just browse for the future, or you can take something home and pay any way you like.

Here is our newly painted house. The yellow door takes you to the workshop gallery above.

My suggestion is that seeing all of these prints in person is better than the website. You have 72dpi on a computer screen, and over 500dpi in the real print. That means incredibly sharper quality, and stronger in color than what you see on a computer, tablet, phone or laptop. But of course you can view and order anything on the website to be picked up or shipped.

Call first to 403.877.1556, my cell. Mostly I am here, once in awhile though I am out photographing the landscape. My good wife can help you as well. Address is 100 Pamely Ave, just north of Parkland Mall, on a main street not a cul-de-sac. Blue house with white pillars (we have been proudly painting it). An alternate number you can try is 403.346.8298. In either case you can leave a message. Also you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Those are the best ways because I tend not to see texts on the phone on time.

See you here!!