Miniature Panoramas

There are now 42 images that have entered the miniature panorama series. The full set will be on display at A+ Art Gallery during the full month of March 2019, and will include prints that have never been shown!
A Plus will also be showcasing the best of the best of the large 4 ft prairie panorama prints from the last 19 years. A full collection demonstrating the power and beauty of Alberta landscape, it is a marvellous opportunity to come by Red Deer and view the works in person. The owners of A Plus Gallery are dedicated to providing the very best of local artwork of all sorts, from mixed media to photography. It is one of the most eclectic venues you will find in our fair province.
You can find their web page here A+ Art Gallery

My feature print for March 2019

Bow River I
Taken Jan 1,2018. in Dead Man's Flats outside of Canmore, it features the Bow River at -25c. A family friend introduced me to this area and convinced me to walk along the riverside in bitterly cold weather. But it was worth it because of the ice crystal hanging in the air. The reflected white light lends a wonderful spectral sense to the whole vista. This was my last shot, looking back as we left the area. If my very frigid fingers were pressing the shutter button, I certainly did not feel it. I am pleased though to give this to you for viewing.
I do not have a frame on this print. It is my sense that you will want it framed in your own individual style such as white matte with silver frame. That is what I would do. By request I can certainly frame it that way for you.