Miniature Panoramas

There are now 42 images that have entered the miniature panorama series. The full set will be on display at A+ Art Gallery during the full month of March 2019, and will include prints that have never been shown!
A+ will also be showcasing the best of the best of the large 4 ft prairie panorama prints from the last 19 years. A full collection demonstrating the power and beauty of Alberta landscape, it is a marvellous opportunity to come by Red Deer and view the works in person. The owners of A Plus Gallery are dedicated to providing the very best of local artwork of all sorts, from mixed media to photography. It is one of the most eclectic venues you will find in our fair province.
You can find their web page here A+ Art Gallery

Current Feature Print

This scene was taken down near Raven, AB. It was a difficult shoot, such strong light being in the immediate background. But as always I take the risk. One from that session is in my catalog but this view has seldom been shown anywhere, and has never been in any exhibition. I want to bring it back because I like it. It succeeded in doing what I had hoped in capturing the sense and feel of the place and time. What I like particularly is that the azure blue mixes so well with the orange hues of the late-day sun. This is caused by certain particles in the air at the time. And there are other elements that are good too.

I call it "Three Sheds near Raven". It can be ordered, and will be in the catalog as soon as I put up the new website.