Gordon is a juried member in good standing of the Alberta Society of Artists.

He has photographed the landscape for many years, exhibiting in various galleries in his home town of Chilliwack in 1978 and onward. While indeed successful there, a move to the prairies in 1989 brought a complete shift in perspective. While he had begun his career using all of the accepted formats, now the very wide Alberta skies and the sprawling landscape began inducing him to go on a completely different tack. Instead of west coast imagery, his specialty in the last 20 years has simply become the Alberta panoramic landscape. Anybody who lives in this province knows that drama in nature is not lacking; what more fascinating subject could there be than Canada's wheatfields and grasslands bravely thriving underneath the fiercely changing skies above. What can capture the imagination more than untold histories hidden in old farms and equipment so elegantly preserved?
So, noting that almost every other landscape photographer sticks to lakes, mountains and sunsets as subjects, Gordon took up a different challenge. He became dedicated instead to capturing the prairies, to understand fully the spirit of the land and to pass the things he found on to viewers of his work. Truly, a Canadian photographer.
Gordon lived in Three Hills, AB, for awhile but is now firmly rooted in Red Deer; many of his images are taken from the surrounding territory. His workshop gallery is open for visits for those who would like to see the images firsthand.