My images are of very high resolution so that they can be enlarged to almost any size for any location! Three feet long, ten feet long, canvas or metal, it doesn't matter.
In order to make these very large specialty images I have important partners in both Calgary and Edmonton.

In Calgary we have Calgary Custom Photo Services, highly skilled tech wizards who are able to perfectly reproduce my work in any size. Fast because they are efficient, at the same time they will spend all night working on one of my enlargement if they have to, to make it absolutely right. Can't beat that. If you need a mounted print but no frame, they will have your order ready for pickup when you need it, I fully trust them.
Calgary Custom Photo Services will also be licensed to print and sell selected images from the catalog, as soon as we work out the details.

In Edmonton we have Vestate, who also will mount onto any format including metal. They have frame types on display as well. They are new to my world but my discussions with them have proven both promising and exciting regarding the future.

If you are anywhere near the Lacombe area I can point you to a great examples of very large canvas and photographic prints in a business boardroom environment.