More and more are asking me to do something special with images that they themselves own or have taken. Working images other than my own is a challenge because I do not know the exact conditions under which the image was taken. However I have been quite successful through the last year it seems, and so am accepting orders.
Contact me through email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and attach your image, do not embed the image in the email. Describe your wish and I will respond with my assessment of the success I might have in taking on your project, including what size options you have.
I do not do what large printing outlets do, that is, I do not use a computer to assess color balance and print density. I take an entirely manual approach and assess each image individually on its own merit and requirements, doing whatever I need to do to bring out everything that is in your image. The result is that you will receive the best possible result that can be humanly provided. There is some charge for my time, and so the cost is a bit higher than the pro printing labs. However there is no comparison in the quality of work you will receive. It does not hurt to ask, email me with your request.