Some storms careen so quickly over the countryside that I have trouble getting a worthwhile shot. I just barely caught this one before it vanished over the horizon toward Stettler. It took me so long to catch up that the day was well spent, and so the colors became quite reddish and muted. I think it worked out well because fortunately there was still enough light for me to take the shot.

Image #165455

Looking through old negatives, I found one of the elevators at Trochu. 

Scan 140708 0024

I am digging out this photograph of the Wimborne elevators back in the '90s. They are not there now. I was just out and about with my camera, getting used to photographing the prairie landscape.



At the same time I rediscovered a really old film photograph of a dark storm over a harvested canola field. While not a really high quality image, it appears I can print it at the normal 15"x48" (framed) size, which should be just fine. This print really does have dark undertones, it was taken after dusk with a timed exposure.

Dark Storm

To create a fine-art photograph, the key is to have a quality of light throughout which unifies the whole image. Alfred Stieglitz, the father of fine-art photography, was doing this already at the beginning of the 20th century. We need to see more craftmanship like that today.
Here is an image that may illustrate what I mean. The diffuse light coming from the overcast sky this particular day had a warm quality, yet not altogether inviting. This gave the abandoned home a sense of having been lived in, yet deserted and alone. Light means everything when composing an image, and to ignore it is to ignore the ground root of all photographic imagery.

Image 2582 - from "The Trip to Trochu" series

Dec 27 2017

As I gradually go over these older images (up to 4 yrs old) I will post some here. If you like an image particularly, I can email you the information about it.
This is the whole image for the first one. 

IMG-0040 2016

I was just trying to capture the sky on this one, no attempt to catch a significant foreground. I actually think a bit of the foreground could be removed to feature the sky more and balance the picture. My opinion on it, anyway.

Dec 26 2017

As I turned out I did not need to write an entire slideshow routine. With a combination of writing a script to create the filename captions, and modifying the javascript slideshow slightly, I was able to show each image name in the slides almost the way I wanted. So then it only took some hours instead of days. Would have been less time but I do not program javascript more than once or twice a year, it takes time to look up all the references to get it right.

Dec 21 2017

I have been busy gathering images for the slideshow on the front page of the website. Going back in my archives to 2014 there have been many happy discoveries of forgotten photos, and lots of reminiscing to go with it. None of the slides are published works, that is they are in none of my shows, nor on the website for sale. 

But I may find that I have underestimated some of the shots, and as a result somebody may want one of them. Or at least, somebody might be interested to see a better depiction of some of them. Often a slide will get truncated to fit into the slideshow window, and many of the slides have not received the TLC yet that they need to be truly printable. 

To address this possibility, I am starting to write a slideshow program of my own which will enable the viewer to identify any of the images preparatory to emailing me with a request to properly see it.