Dec 26 2017

As I turned out I did not need to write an entire slideshow routine. With a combination of writing a script to create the filename captions, and modifying the javascript slideshow slightly, I was able to show each image name in the slides almost the way I wanted. So then it only took some hours instead of days. Would have been less time but I do not program javascript more than once or twice a year, it takes time to look up all the references to get it right.

Dec 21 2017

I have been busy gathering images for the slideshow on the front page of the website. Going back in my archives to 2014 there have been many happy discoveries of forgotten photos, and lots of reminiscing to go with it. None of the slides are published works, that is they are in none of my shows, nor on the website for sale. 

But I may find that I have underestimated some of the shots, and as a result somebody may want one of them. Or at least, somebody might be interested to see a better depiction of some of them. Often a slide will get truncated to fit into the slideshow window, and many of the slides have not received the TLC yet that they need to be truly printable. 

To address this possibility, I am starting to write a slideshow program of my own which will enable the viewer to identify any of the images preparatory to emailing me with a request to properly see it.

Dec 13 2017

Just built a new website and posted it today.

I wanted to use a theme that was a darker color scheme so that the pictures would stand out more easily when viewed on a monitor. People are always saying that the images look better in person than on any website, so one has to take every design advantage to get the images to pop just like they do in real life. Using a dark background is a way to do that.
Besides that, with the online world of mobile devices becoming so much in the forefront, I had to find a template that was current and user friendly in how it functioned. I do believe this one works well!

Last show of the year is coming up. Elevation Place in Canmore. This is a tough facility to carry a display stand into, and moreover this time I will need to use the elevator (which thankfully is a good size). But Canmore people are worth all that effort, they seem to appreciate fine photography of the natural wonders around us.

After this show, feel perfectly free to drop by my workshop/gallery. Sure, I do my printing and assembly work there, but all the images are on the wall and are quite well lit. While I cannot quite bring everything to shows, it is all up at the workshop to view.