For those looking for a panorama of their farm, here is an idea. Most people have their own photos taken on their properties from throughout their years living there. People often take wonderful shots using their own cameras or phones. I can color match the images, giving them similar densities, and thus create a professional looking composite. Number of pictures  should be 3 or 5, and the center one should be a bit wider than the others. The prints are separated by a wood slat. The results can be spectacular and in addition are very meaningful.

It is all arranged through email. You email me your pictures, and I email back a sample. Cost to be determined on an individual basis, with $100 down which is deducted from the final price. 

Here is a example of such a composite of farm photographs mounted into one of my handmade frames. It would also look great with a family photo in the middle spot.



In answer the question, can or will I take a panorama of your farm? Yes, but it is very expensive if it is a contract to do an actual panorama like the ones I sell. In trying this out for several years, I find that it takes about 3 full days on my part, if I am lucky to get the right weather in the right conditions and the right time of year. Because of that I cannot see doing it for under $800, and even then I am not sure it is viable. However if you would like me to photograph your property professionally with an eye to creating a composite like the one above, the weather and chance are less of a factor, so it could be done for $200 a day plus the cost of the print. One day might suffice.

Please keep in mind that if you have an exceptional property that holds the kind of subject matter that I am looking for, then we can work a deal. I am looking for horses, old buildings, old equipment, unusual scenery. If you have such a property, contact me, we can talk. About one in ten discussions results in something productive. Details about how to reach me are here: