Full-frame CMOS sensor Sheds in Mountainview County Sheds at the edge of wheat field.. Product #: 143309 Regular price: $265.00 $265.00 In Stock

Sheds in Mountainview County

Catalog No.: 143309
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Media: Full-frame CMOS sensor
Dimensions: 48.0in x 15.0in x 1.5in
Unframed print size: 43.0in x 10.0in x .25in

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On the way back from a Calgary trip, I took the scenic route along the backroads of Mountainview County, I found these grain bins highlighted against a fairly dramatic passing storm cloud and I like it. But with the bright cloud bank in the middle there was some concern that the print would be split in two, but in the test print it became apparent that the line of grain bins and the row shadow pulled everything together. This saved the print.

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