Full-frame CMOS sensor Sheds near Raven, AB Sheds set against a dramatic late afternoon sky.. Product #: 159949 Regular price: $215.00 $215.00 In Stock

Sheds near Raven, AB

Catalog No.: 159949
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Media: Full-frame CMOS sensor
Dimensions: 43.0in x 15.0in x 1.5in
Unframed print size: 38.0in x 10.0in x .25in

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This is a rescued print from last year near Raven, AB. The original was severely underexposed in the ground area due to the extraordinary strong sky light. Since then I have found ways to overcome this particular kind of extreme lighting. For this print though, I worked hard to bring the detail back up in the foreground area, and I believe it now to be very close to what I saw.

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