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Approaching Storm

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While still living in Three Hills I suddenly had time on my hands. Photography had been neglected for a number of years, and there was a question of whether I still had a feel for landscapes. Taking out my old Mamiya film camera and a tripod, and still stinging emotionally from a recent job loss, I headed out to the countryside. By fortune I was immediately confronted by a horizon-to-horizon squall line coming in from the Rockies. Up till now I had only photographed single-framed scenes but this called for something more adventurous and drastic. So in fierce winds, with no carpenter's level - just my eye, and with roiling clouds 50 feet over my head and the tripod shaking, I attempted my first-ever panorama. Astoundingly, despite all the terribly adverse conditions and the novelty, this scene turned out just as I hoped. Since then I have fallen in love with the panorama. Now it is my opinion that panoramas are the only true way to express the grandness of the prairie landscape.

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Image Attributes Photographed under extreme conditions on film. Best enlarged only to the list size.