Wheat, barley, canola and hay fields in Alberta are prominent throughout the summer and especially into the fall harvest. Catching them in just the right light is my job.

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Pioneer Elevator by Didsbury

Pioneer elevator at harvest

$178.50 Before Tax: $170.00

Hillside at Tees

One fall north of Tees

$199.50 Before Tax: $190.00

Grain Harvest

Typical prairie field at harvest

$225.75 Before Tax: $215.00

Scene in Water Valley

Pastel panorama in Water Valley

$231.00 Before Tax: $220.00

Squall Line on Hwy 53

Squall line that travelled from Bentley to Leduc

$267.75 Before Tax: $255.00

Joffre Hill

Wheat field near Joffre, AB

$252.00 Before Tax: $240.00

Ready for the Harvest

An early film panorama of a field ready to be harvested near Wimborne

$220.50 Before Tax: $210.00