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Upper Sutherland Falls

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Our family would visit Blanket Creek Park south of Revelstoke while travelling through BC. It is on the way to the ferry that crosses the Arrow Lakes to Nakusp. In the park one will find Sutherland Falls, a very green and rocky area. One day I noticed a path going up alongside the falls, made up of natural steps that had formed in the shale rock. At the top of the falls was a flat rock area with a beautiful creek, and further on yet another waterfall! This second hidden waterfall is inaccessible and surrounded by sheer rocks, and all the ground is covered in deep green moss. While I was perched at the edge, hypnotically looking down from a height onto the spectacle, a black raven swooped down from the heavens along the falls and up again directly in front of me. This was indeed a magical moment I’ll never forget. Taken with film.

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