Dramatic high-resolution panoramas, ranging from 2 ft to 4 ft long, from South-central Alberta to BC.

Most of these images, with a few exceptions taken on film, can be enlarged to any size one would require, for example up to 7 or 8 feet long, or wall size.

Please keep in mind that the photographs seen firsthand are even more dramatic and personal than shown here, though I have done my best to give you a good catalog.

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Pioneer Elevator by Didsbury

Pioneer elevator at harvest

$178.50 Before Tax: $170.00

Barn North of Aspelund

Old red barn underneath a storm cloud travelling through Lacombe County. It all looks quite fierce but actually did not do much at ground level. This was a year of mighty grey clouds.

$262.50 Before Tax: $250.00

After the Rainstorm

Late evening in Lacombe County with one of those large passing rainstorms that bring in such an interesting and peculiar light.

$252.00 Before Tax: $240.00

Hillside at Tees

One fall north of Tees

$199.50 Before Tax: $190.00

Aspelund Road

$199.50 Before Tax: $190.00

Sheds in Bentley, Gray

Grain bins in Bentley with gray tones

$199.50 Before Tax: $190.00