For those inquiring, this is the display stand I normally bring to various shows and exhibits. This is the zigzag configuration that usually works out, it holds 32 panorama prints. Up to six modular panels can be employed though, allowing for 48 prints. One can use any creative configuration that a person can imagine because some venues have oddball booth shapes or just simply large open areas. Or sometimes I just get tired of the same old arrangement.

This display is a walk-around display. On one side generally you will find only prairie prints, and most of the other side holds only BC prints. The zigzag configuration uses about 12 ft x 3 ft of actual floor space, if placed within a 6 ft x 15 ft area it is easy for people to walk around all sides.

I do have LED light holders (not shown here) for each panel that do a fine job of illuminating, even in darker rooms. Because the lamps are LED, the total power taken by all 8 lamps is less than that of a single 100W incandescent buib.

2017 stand zigzag