Gordon Hiebert ASA

Fine-art landscape photographer

Ordering Procedure


Most parcels are sent by private courier door-to-door, such as C&C Logistics. Areas within Edmonton, Calgary, along Highway 21, and Rimby are accessible that way. To all others I ship by Fedex ground. I have seldom had a parcel take more than one day to get to the destination.

The cost of shipping parcels is usually $20. For some of the more remote locations the shipping rate is $30. The reason for this is that sometimes the major couriers need to sub-contract to those locations.

BC and Saskatchewan:

Surprisingly the cost of shipping to many areas of BC and Saskatchewan is only $20. Other more remote areas are quotes per order basis.


For most parcels packaging is a corrugated cardboard box shaped to the size of the framed print. Since the weight of the framed print is under 5lbs, and there is no glass, there is little chance of damage. All shipments are guaranteed by myself. To date there has never been damage.

Framed prints that include glass, such as perhaps some metal framed prints, receive an extra layer of cardboard for buffering.